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Become Your Evangalist

Hey There, I'm Nealey!

I’m going to teach you how to use your personal brand to grow your service-based business without adding more on your plate. You can become a YouVangelist – an evangelist of your own brand.


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People buy from people. Until someone becomes a loyal fan, they don't care about your business but they might care about you. They might relate to your world, they way you do business. Sign up for a course to help develop into a YouVangelist.


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Follow the course lessons, worksheets, challenges, and quizzes to learn how to maximize you as the face of your . You can learn everything from Social Media to Sales to Digital Marketing.


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You'll start to gain new business without spending a dime just by building your personal brand while intelligently talking about your services, business, and value.

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You Are An Expert

Some of you may not believe me and that’s okay. I’m not here to win everyone over, I’m here to win you over and show you that you are an expert in your own right. You can leverage your personal brand and expertise, to grow your service business.

You have a passion, the knowledge, and unique experiences about a subject that nobody else does. What hangs most people up, myself included, is thinking you have to be the top 1% in a subject to be worthy of talking about it.

That’s just dead wrong!

You only need to be a few chapters ahead of your followers. Think about where you started. Think about the journey you went on to learn what you know to get to where you are right now. That information is incredibly valuable to people that are in the shoes you started with. Then, position your business as a solution to a common problem.

Those people dying to hear from you, the trouble is, you aren’t sharing enough with them to notice or even at all!

You don’t need permission to start. What you need is just a little direction and a sounding board to help get you started. That’s where we begin our journey together. Are you ready to build your personal brand to grow your service business?

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