The Road To Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers Workshop

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As a business owner, you’re already wearing what feels like a hundred hats. Everyone says that you should be on Instagram because that’s where your customers are but this is the typical journey for most small business owners.

The Road To Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers Workshop

You’re not alone and there is hope!

This was a live workshop I taught at Cal Poly Small Business Center aimed at showing you how you can easily build your followers. Each module will include the live recording and a bit of context to help better understand the topic. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

What Will I Learn?

  • Optimize your Instagram profile for views
  • Clarify your message
  • Build your first 1,000 followers and on
  • Convert followers to leads
  • Understand how to take your business to the next level on social media.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons02h


Introduction Of The Course00:11:28
Top Mistakes Most People Make00:06:45

Clarifying Your Message & Brand


About the instructors

Nealey has been obsessed with personal branding, social media, and web presence for as long as he can remember and has a bigger passion for helping you grow your brand. He's been employed at GoDaddy for over 7 years, exclusively helping the everyday entrepreneur succeed with their business while also growing his own side hustles providing personal coaching or developing websites that convert visitors into leads.
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generate leads for your business

Target Audience

  • Those that have struggled with building their followers in the past
  • New business just starting out with their social media
  • Businesses that have plateaued and are looking for new ways to build engagement
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