Our Story

New company, plenty of experience

“Your personal brand will be the way you stand out in a crowded market. Don’t let someone else stand out.”

Justin Nealey, Founder

Who We Are

YouVangelist was founded by Justin Nealey. He has started many side hustles and businesses in the past, was a cohost of a YouTube show powered by GoDaddy, and is an advocate for small businesses.

After testing new strategies, and working with his past clients, he found the most cost effective, well most effective, way to grow a business is by using the owner’s personal brand.

Now, that’s his business, to help people like you discover the power of your personal brand to grow your business.

What We Do

We continually see new service-based businesses struggle to stand out. Because of this, these businesses close before they even get a chance to grow.

We saw a need to help these businesses get attention and ultimately new clients so we took our past testing, research, case studies, and experience to understand the best way to help. Ultimately, we found the one common reason why most businesses win. The founder has an incredible personal brand and they are able to speak to their audience in a way that gets people to connect.

After clients go through our courses and coaching, they are able to better position their personal brand to not only promote their businesses to new audiences but also convert those new followers. Stress is gone, income is coming in, and business growth is inevitable.